Colorado Hunting Trip Planner

Planning a hunting trip is a feat in and of itself. Between the the Colorado big game draw and transportation logistics for yourself, gear and the delicious meat you’ll be bringing home, there is a lot to figure out. Use the information on this page to help plan your hunt with Reverse 7 L Outfitters. If you have further questions, please contact us here.

Colorado Hunt Planner: Step 1, Research Hunting Units

Research Colorado hunting units.

Before you can apply to the Colorado big game draw, you will need to research the seasons for each hunting unit. All units we guide in Colorado are over-the-counter for archery season, 2nd elk rifle, 3rd elk rifle and most bear tags. 1st, 4th, and muzzleloader season Colorado elk are draw only, along with all mule deer tags. OnXMaps is a great tool for research and your hunt.

The secondary draw is available to those who don’t draw during the primary draw. We offer limited land vouchers for mule deer, which are available to purchase for those that are unsuccessful in the draw or just want to purchase that did not apply for the draws. They are available on a first come, first serve basis.

Colorado Hunt Planner: Step 1, Apply To Hunting Units

Apply to the Colorado big game draw.

Now that you’ve done your research and have selected the unit you would like to hunt you can start applying for the draw (if applicable). If your selected species and season requires that you build preference points and you don’t draw, you have the option of the secondary draw, or over-the-counter which include; archery elk plus 2nd and 3rd rifle seasons.

Muzzleloader, 1st, and 4th are draw only or left-over tag. Mule deer are all draw, left-over tags, or land vouchers. Purchase left-over tags online as soon as possible as they go fast.

Colorado Hunt Planner: Step 1, Apply To Hunting Units

Hunting gear for Colorado big game.

Your hunting season has everything to do with your gear. Archery seasons are typically warm to hot with the colder weather typically starting by first rifle season. Pack clothes accordingly, it’s the mountains and we get snow in September.

Colorado has a minimum poundage for archery equipment of 35 pounds and centerfire rifles must be 6MM or larger for big game. Muzzleloaders have more than a handful of restrictions some of which can be found here. Keep these things in mind when choosing your hunting weapon. Last but not least, water. We supply all the water you need for these hunts which can be demanding. Lack of water leads to dehydration, altitude sickness and other things that can ruin your hunt. You will want to stay hydrated at all times. The rest of your gear will be creature comforts.

Transportation and logistics.

One of the most important parts of your hunting trip planning is the transportation and logistics, not just for you, but your meat and trophy as well. If you are  flying in for your hunt we can ship your game meat and trophy to you.

Airports near by: Rifle Airport, Grand Junction Regional, Eagle County Regional, Montrose Regional, Denver International Airport.

If your hunting group is driving to Colorado, you can find directions here. Hunters who are driving should bring multiple coolers or a deep freeze if they have a means to keep it plugged in on the trip home. You can find local game processors and taxidermists here.

Sighting in for your big game hunt.

You’ve spent all off-season planning for this hunt and possibly years applying to the draw. When it comes down to making the shot, you need to make it count. We strongly suggest shooting your rifle periodically throughout the season. We like to take everyone to the shooting range to shoot their gun and make necessary adjustments prior to the hunt, as our hunting areas and lodges are a good distance from town and available shooting ranges. This is quick and painless, however a very important step prior to your hunt. Preparation precedes blessings.

Enjoy the hunt.

Come enjoy your hunt and make lasting memories at Reverse 7 L Outfitters. Lodging is included with all Big Game Hunts.

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