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Colorado Rifle Elk Hunts 2×1

Reverse 7L Outfitters Colorado rifle elk hunts take place in Colorado units 223233, and 42. We hunt all 4 rifle seasons. Hunting access can be by truck, ATV, horseback or foot during rifle season from October through late November. Rifle elk hunters can have deer and bear tags in their possession during most rifle elk seasons. Deer tags are draw only, bear tags are OTC. Days hunting elk are long and cold this time of year. Depending on weather, we may spend many hours in the saddle, riding ATVs and hiking mountains.

Private Land Rifle Elk Hunt Cost: Contact for pricing.

While hunts are based on 2×1, 1×1 guided hunts are available for an additional cost (based on 5-day hunt).

Bear Kill Fee: $850.

Important Colorado rifle elk hunting information.

Colorado Rifle Elk Season Dates:

1st Season Limited: October 12 – 16, 2024.

2nd Season Elk (OTC): October 26 – November 3, 2024.

3rd Season Elk (OTC): November 9 – 15, 2024.

4th Season Elk Limited: November 20 – 24, 2024.

Tags Available: Cow Only Tag, Bull Only Tag.

Units We Elk Hunt: 223233, and 42.

Accommodations: Included with hunt, and you can view our cabins here. Meals included on all Elk hunts.

While we have places to check your rifles at camp, we strongly suggest you sight your rifle in before getting to Colorado.

Colorado Rifle Elk Hunting Photos

Rifle Elk Frequently Asked Questions

Does Reverse 7 L Outfitters offer drop camp hunts?

No, we only guide rifle elk hunts on private land in the game management units 223233, and 42.

What is the minimum caliber for elk in Colorado?

Centerfire rifles must be a minimum of .24 caliber (6mm). We recommend that you shoot a legal rifle you are the most comfortable and accurate with.

What is Colorado’s minimum barrel length?

Your hunting rifle’s barrel may be no shorter than 16 inches and your rifle 26 inches in overall length.

What is the maximum rounds allowed in the magazine?

Colorado allows for semi automatics to hold a maximum of six rounds. One in the chamber + a 5 round magazine.

Does Reverse 7 L have trophy fees?

No, kill a 200″ or 400″ bull and it’s the same price.

How do I book my Colorado rifle elk hunt?

Simple, call us or fill out the form on our contact page here.

What happens if I wound an animal?

If you draw blood on any animal and do not recover it, your hunt is considered complete. Our goal is to have our hunters take responsible shots every time. Our guides make every effort to recover your animal.

Do I tip my hunting guide?

Yes. Our guides work hard to provide you with an exceptional hunt. 20% is standard. If for any reason you are not satisfied, please do not hesitate to bring a matter to our attention so that we can correct any issues you may have. Tipping our cooks is also appreciated and recommended.

What units do you guide?

We are rifle elk guides for the following Colorado hunting units:

  • Unit 22 Rifle Elk Guide.
  • Unit 32 Elk Guide.
  • Unit 33 Elk Guide.
  • Unit 42 Rifle Elk Guide.
Do I need to draw a rifle elk tag to hunt with you?

The season you wish to hunt may require you to enter the draw. Any 1st rifle elk tag will be draw only. 2nd and 3rd antlered elk tags in game management units 22, 33, 34 and 42 are all over-the-counter hunting units and tags can be purchased starting in August. Unit 22 is valid because we hunt private land.

How many guides hunt with me?

Rifle elk hunts are 2 x 1. This means you will have 2 hunters per 1 hunting guide. While hunts are based on 2×1, 1×1 guided hunts are available for an additional cost (based on 5-day hunt).

What is the typical weather during hunting season?

Weather during rifle elk season in Colorado can be anywhere from 70+ degrees to below zero and heavy snow storms. Pack for anything, it is the mountains and the weather can change very quick. Don’t let weather keep you from the hunt.

Do I need to get acclimated to the elevation?

Yes, we highly suggest you get here at least a day or two before your hunt to get acclimated to the elevation. This mainly applies to hunters coming from eastern states or who live at lower elevations.

Can I get an add-on tag for bear?

No, but you can purchase an over-the-counter bear tag which are available for all units we currently hunt. Season dates and hunt codes can be found here. Reverse 7 L Outfitters charges a kill fee for black bears. Contact for pricing.

What elevation will we be hunting elk at?

Rifle elk hunting in Colorado ranges from the lowland river bottoms around 5,000 feet to over 8,000 feet at some of our higher elevation properties.

What type of terrain should I expect to hunt?

This depends on your physical shape. From low lying river bottoms to steep rocky slopes, we’ve got every type of terrain you could want to elk hunt. Elevations between 6,000 to 8,000 feet you will encounter a lot of oak brush and sage. This is great elk habitat, albeit not the most scenic.

How much is an elk hunt?

Rifle season elk hunts with lodging in Colorado at Reverse 7 L Outfitters. Contact for pricing.

What is your deposit and cancelation policy?

All hunts require a 50% deposit at time of booking to reserve a spot. Balance of the total fee due in cash, check, cashier’s check, or money order upon arrival at camp and prior to hunt. Deposits are non-refundable, though may be credited to a future hunt. All rates are per person and subject to change.

What is your clients opportunity rate?

Our opportunity rates are very high. Reverse 7 L Outfitters hunts are 100% free chase, there are no guarantees. We go where the game goes, and will get you within your comfortable range, but we cannot pull the trigger for you. If they’re in the river bottoms, we’ll hunt the river bottoms. If they are higher up in the mountains, we’ll saddle up and go after them. Plans change accordingly.

What is NOT included in the price of the rifle elk hunt?
  • Colorado hunting license& Tags.
  • Game processing (We prepare it for the processor)
  • Taxidermy (Find local recommendations here)
  • Guide/Cook Tips (Recommend a minimum of 20%)
  • Alcohol
  • Transportation to hunting camp. (Once at camp we transport you for all hunting)

Reviews for Colorado Rifle Elk Hunts

Get you on the elk!

Bo and the gang are top notch. I don’t know much but I know big wood from kindlin, and if your looking for an all but sure fire chance at drawing blood then you give these guys a shot. Been tearing through the wilderness with these guys for over 5 years and haven’t had to eat tag sandwich yet. Rompin & Stompin!!! Big Ben form Arkansas.

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Ben F
Any Colorado big game hunt!

Bo at Reverse 7 L Outfitters is a first class outfitter. Have had the privilege to hunt with him for 2 years. The ultimate outdoorsman, go the extra mile and will make every human attempt possible to make your have a successful hunt. If you want to road hunt, to strapping your boots on and make the hike, he will match want you want. Very professional, ultimate gentleman, great people to be around. I would recommend him for any type of big game hunting. Can’t go wrong. Mitchell from CA.

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Mitchell S

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