Cow Elk Hunts in Colorado

Guided Cow Elk Hunts in Colorado, Archery, Muzzy + Rifle

Looking to fill your freezer with delicious cow elk meat? Reverse 7L Outfitters, LLC offers fully guided cow elk hunts on private property across 4 different units in Western Colorado. Cow elk hunts are 5 days fully guided with meals provided. These cow elk hunting trips begin in September with archery elk season and muzzleloader. Then, when October hits, and the leaves start to change we head into first rifle elk, followed by second, third and limited fourth season throughout the end of November.

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4th season unit 33 is available for 2022. Booking cow elk hunts for 2023.

Cow elk hunting trips are great for hunters looking for an easier tag to draw that gets them in the woods. Cow elk tags are also great for hunters looking to fill their freezers with delicious game meat and new hunters to the sport.

Cow Elk Hunting Units We Hunt

Weather during cow elk hunts in Colorado.

The weather in the Colorado mountains during hunting season can change quickly, and drastically. Weather during your cow elk hunting trip to Colorado will likely be no different.

Fall archery elk weather in Colorado. For those looking to chase cow elk with a bow, you can expect anything from hot 90-plus degree days to below-freezing temperatures and snow. This is typically elevation-dependent along with the time of the month.

1st season cow elk hunting weather. One of our favorite times to be in the elk woods. 1st season offers hunters crisp mornings in the mountains and the changing of fall colors. It’s a fantastic time to go cow elk hunting. Expect mid 60’s in lower elevations during the day and below freezing temperatures at night. As with anything in the mountains, it is all elevation dependent. If you click on the unit numbers above, you can see the forecast for the general areas we hunt.

2nd season cow elk hunt weather in Colorado. Expect colder temperatures at the end of October with a real good chance of snow. It’s always best to pack a warm weather elk kit as backup.

3rd season cow elk hunt weather in Colorado. Expect cold temperatures with a real good chance of snow.

4th season cow elk hunt weather in Colorado. Expect freezing temperatures, higher than normal winds, low sun light, and thicker snow depths.

Private Land Cow Elk Hunting Trips in Colorado

Our elk hunts take place in Colorado’s game management units 22, 32, 33 and 42. Depending on the terrain and scenery you are looking to hunt may determine which hunting unit better suites your needs.

More information regarding archery, muzzleloader and rifle Colorado elk season dates and tag information can be found by clicking the links below.

Archery Elk Hunts in Colorado
Colorado Muzzleloader Elk Hunts
CO Rifle Elk Hunts

Colorado Big Game Hunts

Reverse 7 L Outfitters based in Rifle, Colorado has some of the best big game hunting Colorado has to offer. With ample habitat across multiple properties and hunting units, we’ve got something for everyone seeking various types of mountain terrain. From fall trophy elk, mule deer, turkey and bear hunts, to Spring turkey we’ve got over 30 years of experience putting hunters on game.