Colorado Draw Results

Colorado draw results are coming out!

Colorado draw results for Colorado’s big game hunting seasons (Elk, Deer, Moose, Antelope and Bear) all come out this week. We wish you all the best of luck in drawing your tags in 2022.

View 2022 Colorado Big Game brochure here.

Reverse 7 L Outfitters guides in the following Colorado hunting units:

Unit 22: Elk, Deer, Bear, Turkey

Unit 32: Elk, Deer, Bear, Turkey

Unit 33: Elk, Deer, Bear, Turkey

Unit 42: Elk, Deer, Bear, Turkey

If you were fortunate enough to draw a tag in one of the above units for the species listed above and are interested in hunting with experienced Colorado hunting guide. Contact Reverse 7 L Outfitters based in Rifle, Colorado today for the hunting experience of a lifetime.

Colorado Big Game Hunts

Reverse 7 L Outfitters based in Rifle, Colorado has some of the best big game hunting Colorado has to offer. With ample habitat across multiple properties and hunting units, we’ve got something for everyone seeking various types of mountain terrain. From fall trophy elkmule deerturkey and bear hunts, to Spring turkey we’ve got over 30 years of experience putting hunters on game.